Final Report

Our project is complete now. We were even able to create a PCB using CircuitMaker for our switches, we originally had relays but the switches were more compact we got 4 switches in one chip. The chip we are using is the MAX4614, it is a quad, low voltage, high-speed, single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analog switches. The were easy to use they were like the relays we were using because the were also normally open.





We tried using the Raspberry Pi Zero but unfortunately we think we soldered it incorrectly and shorted the board. So we went back to the Raspberry Pi B+. We did not have time to add the LCD even though we had the pins for them, we don’t think our client really needed it either since they didn’t bring it up.

We were able to get everything working, we got readings from the ADC within a 1% error, we were able to send data to our server, and we displayed the data on a table and graph. To save the data offline we created a csv file for the month that goes in a year folder. Here is the link  to the website.


Here is what you would see on the website


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