Progress Report

We have talked to our client recently and have had to modify our relay setup. this is what each relay setup for each MFC will look like.


We have bought more relays for the other 3 MFCs that we need to read their values. We hope to reduce the amount of relays from 12, to just 10 relays.

We recently got our RTC chip and it was very easy to install, it uses I²C and just we had to use some Linux commands to get it to work. Now if the internet is down, the Raspberry Pi will still get the right time and date.

We are also looking into using a Raspberry Pi Zero instead of the Raspberry Pi B+ that we are currently using, because it is half the size and it can do everything our RPi  can do.

pins used

Here are the current pins we are using on the RPi, excluding some Ground and some DC Power pins . We have plenty of pins left over for the LCD that we want to use. We want it to have the date, time, and when the last sample was taken. We could possibly have it to show the user any errors that are occurring.

We are still working on the sending data to a flash drive and to our server. We want to organize the data in the flash drive by year, month and day, with the file being named after the day. The data we want will include the date, time and the voltages for the two stages of each MFC. The website will show the data in a table and have graphs for each stage.


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