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In an ever changing world their is always a need for improvement. In the 21st
century, the need for technology has exponentially increased due to consumer
needs. The only thing that has stayed the same throughout history is the need
for fuel. A very interesting way that biologists and engineers have developed is the use of bacteria to generate energy. The process is  called Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC). MFC is the use of bacteria to convert organic waste material into electrical energy. As these MFCs system continues
to grow over the years, the need to monitor them will become a demand. With our project, wineries will be able to continuously monitor the MFC process and view the operation status. We will closely monitor voltages, status, and collaboration of the MFC. The Data will be stored locally then sent
to a web page to be displayed. Our project will be the size of an internet modem, and will operate on a external power supply. The system will operate with the MFC system that already exists and take in desired information from the MFC. The data will be stored in a SD card locally first. The data needs to be saved locally first to avoid data lost during the transmission to the server.‚Äč